The new urban exhibition concept 


What is the Residence for BSLAW Brussels - Home Gallery?

The BSLAW Brussels - Residence Home Gallery is above all the opportunity to present and get to know the works and paintings of a very talented Hungarian artist, Norbert David, within the framework of a completely new urban exhibition concept in Brussels.

The Residence Home Gallery deliberately mixes the seductive, exciting aura of an exhibition with the businesslike working conditions of a home office. And yet it is neither a professional showroom nor a workplace.

It is a dignified meeting place, furnished with beautiful, high-quality design. It is a small oasis with a homely atmosphere, an individual retreat area in the midst of the fast-moving Brussels cosmos of the European institutions, plagued by deadlines and time constraints. It gives its guests not only the opportunity to have a relaxed conversation between two tiring meetings, but also the chance to become part of the expressions and impressions emanating from the works during their stay.

It creates a continuous resonance space, constantly renewed by the guest, but still filled with life. This is also the name of the exhibition of Norbert Dávid: 

The fashion show YELLOW by Viktória Varga presented the meeting of fashion and contemporary art. Beautifully composed garments met abstract and figurative contemporary painting. The artwork provided a wonderful backdrop for the dresses, but the dresses also featured masterpieces of fine art. The evening, made even more exciting by photography and...

The exhibition From Renaissance to Resonance presents the thematically based artistic concept of painter Norbert Dávid. Researching the message of the Renaissance masters of the 15th century, he reinterprets the idea of ​​artistic freedom and imbued with 21st century contemporary formal language, connects figural representation with abstract...

The series of REZONANCIA paintings by painter Norbert Dávid has been expanded with another piece. His picture Supersonic Connection can be seen at the Fine Arts Capital Art Association's exhibition - Beginnings at the Golden Duck Gallery in Budapest.

Interior design of healthcare institutions using contemporary works of art. A combination of colors, shapes and surfaces with innovative technological solutions for stress relief, above all to support physical and mental recovery, with a special focus on improving the hotel-level accommodation conditions of one-day surgical care.

Interior design of healthcare institutions using contemporary works of art. This is the new way of art with the RESONANCE SPACE - ART project in our life. First of all read the concept and see our 3D interior design in a hospital.

The Resonance exhibition, which can be visited continuously, presents some of the masterpieces of the exhibition with another short video.

Butterfly effect / oil on canvas / 50 x 120 cm x 2 / in frame I participated in the Talented Art Fair held in Brighton with the latest work from the REZONACIA TÉR collection. The oil painting The Butterfly Effect was an undivided success among visitors. The series of photos below shows several details about this painting.