The fashion show YELLOW by Viktória Varga presented the meeting of fashion and contemporary art. Beautifully composed garments met abstract and figurative contemporary painting. The artwork provided a wonderful backdrop for the dresses, but the dresses also featured masterpieces of fine art. The evening, made even more exciting by photography and gastronomic specialities, was a worthy representation of Viktóri Varga's debut in Brussels.

Photo summary of the presentation of Viktória Varga - YELLOW ART PERFORMANCE.

Fashion designer: Viktoria Varga

Models: Anna Ágoston, Sheima Alnour, Laura Szabó, Eszter Kiss

Photographer: Zoltan Mihaly

Artists: Ancsa Weide, Bela Balog, David Norbert

Artist representative: Orsolya Teremi

Chef: Tibor Mandovics