The series of REZONANCIA paintings by painter Norbert Dávid has been expanded with another piece. His picture Supersonic Connection can be seen at the Fine Arts Capital Art Association's exhibition - Beginnings at the Golden Duck Gallery in Budapest.

Supersonic Connection / mixed media on canvas / 200 x 240 cm / framed / Resonance series 

Can the abstract concept manifested in painting, such as speed, be part of the creative process? Where to go, how is it possible to rely on this inner energy, as a self-accelerating force, in the representation? A completely emptied consciousness not only brings you into a state of flow, but also releases enormous energies, which simply transcends the boundaries of thought, composition and intention. The unbridled energy bursting from the inside crosses the controlled frames with a "sound explosion" and takes a visual form in a multidimensional layer. For me, this is the essence of the power of painting - manifested in a supersonic relationship.