Because a picture is more than a thousand words, we've put together several pictures and presented the BSLAW RESIDENCE HOME GALLERY as a new exhibition and fine art concept in a short film.

The Resonance Square collection and thematic exhibition can also be viewed in virtual images. Creative digital development is one of the cornerstones of contemporary art. BSLAW RESIDENCE HOME GALLERY's efforts in this area include a summary of its fine art collections.

Before formulating the basic laws of dynamics, we need to formulate a general law of nature, in the special case of which all the basic laws of dynamics can be given. This general law of nature is the law of conservation of momentum. The amount of motion, or impulse, of a point of mass m and velocity v is / L = m x v / ...

The Resonance Space as a creation process is a multidimensional reprocessing of the impulses of the world around us, looking into the past and exploring the future.