Five different ways to perceive art in BSLAW RESIDENCE HOME GALLERY


 Fine Art - Interior - Preparedness - Perspective - Joint Effect

The residence enjoys a very busy location in the center of Brussels, 400 meters from the Europa Parliament. The residence's upstairs terrace overlooks the centre of the downtown. 

An art gallery is a world of its own 

The art gallery of the residence thus includes not only the paintings and works of art in the strict sense, but also the location and the wider environment. The residence itself awaits its guests with a comfortable and cozy interior and, with its excellent culinary background, supports the experience of an ever higher level of reception of art. 

"But in order that you may understand whence every error is born, let the pleasure of those accusing and praising you open the whole thing, and the very things which come from it."

The first exhibition of the residence is a selected exhibition of the painter Resonancia Tér by the painter Norbert Dávid. The works presented here are an important stop in the Resonance Exhibition series. The full material can of course be viewed on the website as part of a virtual exhibition. In the case of all applications concerning the viewing of the exhibition and the guided tour, a pre-arranged date must be specified.

In the pictures below, we would like to give you a taste of the atmosphere of the residence and its surroundings. 


Fine Art