Butterfly effect / oil on canvas / 50 x 120 cm x 2 / in frame I participated in the Talented Art Fair held in Brighton with the latest work from the REZONACIA TÉR collection. The oil painting The Butterfly Effect was an undivided success among visitors. The series of photos below shows several details about this painting. 

Butterfly Effect - RESONANCE // oil - canvas / 50 x 120 cm / diptych / "Can the flapping of a butterfly's wings in Brazil cause a tornado in Texas?" Good question and the answer is yes. In other words, seemingly small actions, seemingly simple steps, everyday decisions can bring about a huge change in life. In addition, it is possible that not only you feel its effect, but also someone else, but the point is that the course of life changes as a result of your action. This is what the butterfly effect is all about. Everything is connected to everything: 

The horseshoe was lost because of a nail The horse was lost because of the horseshoe The horse lost the rider Because of the rider, the battle was lost The country was lost because of the battle Another time, hammer in that horseshoe nail.   https://www.davidgallery.hu/uj-munkak/